A magazine concept on diversity and inclusion


Inspire change, lead the way


More and more companies face the challenge of making their workforce more diverse. Some of them encouraged by industry targets. Does this sound familiar to you?

Added Value is a tool specifically designed to help inspire people about the benefits of diversity on the workfloor. With a proven method, we can help make your workforce more diverse.


What we offer

Did you know that 41% of managers are too busy to implement diversity initiatives? This is why we offer a full service strategy.

Added Value will take care of all your creative and content challenges, from idea to publication.


A tailored plan

Preparation is key. Therefor we’d like to sit down with clients, have coffee and discuss their plans, goals and challenges. Each new action requires a strong strategie. After all, you want your investment to last, your employees to be motivated and your brand to stand out. Added Value helps you do just that. With over 15 years of experience in creating custom content within the publishing world, we are able to set up a flexible and cost-efficient solution for your company that matches our clients goals.




Whether your company is located in the Netherlands or operating globally, Added Value has a global network of professionals, making sure you reach your goals. Our skillset includes photo-or video production, writing, editing, art work, lay-out, animation, etc.




Added Value can be offered as a printed publication to ensure maximum impact, but when preferred can also be uploaded digitally to your intranet to reach a broader audience. Whatever the output, we’ll make sure that readers are engaged on the subject in a playful way.


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