A lot of different flowers make a bouquet

Added Value is managed by two women, Marije Tolsma-Groen (Editor-in-Chief) and Dorien Franken (Creative Director). “We’ve met so many inspiring women through our work with Added Value that we feel encouraged to help companies reach their goals. We believe that when you foster an inclusive culture, you learn and grow in a more natural way. Plus, it really helps flourish the workforce. After all, a lot of different flowers make a bouquet. - Added Value

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Added Value for Damco International

We’re excited to show you the first edition of Added Value that we created for Damco International and APM Terminals. The central theme in this issue is ‘Stronger Together.’ 

We’ve set up production and shoots in Malaysia, Cameroon, New York and Los Angeles and we worked closely together with Anita de Werd, Global Head of Marketing and Business Development at Damco International.

The magazine features, amongst others, an interview with Marjolein Westerbeek, President of Rituals Cosmetics. We talked with Hans de Boer, President of VNO-NCW and we had the pleasure of interviewing three employees and their partners. 

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The Added Value of a moodboard

Added Value works with a large network of creative professionals. Creative Director Dorien Franken is key on briefing them the best way possible. A moodboard is essential to tell the story. This image is part of the moodboard we’ve set up for the photoshoot with Marjolein Westerbeek, President of Rituals USA. The idea was photograph Marjolein through a window in New York city and have the atmosphere of the city come through in the reflection. See if you think we did a good job?

Did you know that Added Value arranged shoots in Malaysia, Cameron and Los Angeles for the latest edition? With our expertise, nothing is impossible. Contact us, if you want us to help your company become more diverse


Behind the Scenes

We asked Hans de Boer, President of VNO-NCW who created the top women database in 2016, how things are progressing. "I wish we had made more progress by now, but change is slow. I’m convinced however, that change is inevitable. New generations of women are entering the job market with skills that have traditionally been labelled ‘male’, which will naturally bring a shift. Especially regarding management positions, which most companies usually fill from within the existing talent pool. Women are also choosing careers with a better growth perspective than the careers that the previous generation tended to pursue. Change is definitely in the air, and it is our responsibility to move it forward."

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