Can we customise Added Value to our own brand identity? - Added Value is specifically designed to look like an independent publication. From our experience, a corporately branded magazine is perceived differently by employees.  

We will however add your logo and company name to the publication. We will also choose a colour that meets your brand's look & feel, if desired. 

Can Added Value contain more than 20 pages? - Yes. Please be advised that when you decide to add pages, it needs to be 4-pages each time, for print reasons. 

Does Added Value come in any other language? - At the moment we offer our magazine in English and Dutch. But let us know if your company requires a different language.

How many copies of Added Value can we order? - As many as you like, depending on the size of your company.


My company's staff is located in different locations and has different communication needs, it's not a one size fits all. What do you advise? - We are happy to think along with you in how to best reach your specific audiences. There are multiple options. 

Who takes care of distribution? - We do. If your company is based in multiple countries we simply need the delivery details for each country and office.

How long does it take to create an edition of Added Value? - Depending on the availability and resources of employees that will contribute to the features of the magazine, plus the number of copies you want us to print, we will need 6-8 weeks.

Can we turn Added Value into a quarterly magazine for our company? Yes. Added Value can be a one off publication or a recurrent one. 

My company is based abroad. How will we meet? - We can meet in person, via a Skype call or arrange things by email and phone. Whatever you prefer. 


Use and rights

Will we receive a digital version of the magazine? - Yes, the publication will become available in print as well as a PDF file. You will be able to use it on your website and on social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn etc.). 

Do we get to keep the images? - The high-resolution images may not be used for other purposes than Added Value, unless specifically asked for. In that case we will arrange buy-out rights.

We have our own photographers that we work with. Can we use them? - Added Value selects photographers and other creatives from its own network. This way we can guarantee excellent quality for money.


Who will have the rights of the publication? - You will. The concept and intellectual property however, is owned by Added Value and can’t be re-used for any other purposes than the magazine.

In case of any mistakes in the publication, who is responsible? - We take great care in looking after every detail of the publication. After having checked the final copy, images and layout, it will be sent to you for your final approval. We will guide you through this process, if needed.



My company isn’t ready for a magazine yet, but does want to create awareness on (gender) diversity. Can you help us? - Yes. Upon request we can arrange small and personal workshops to large events for your employees. Let us know what you want and we’ll come up with a plan to match your company’s needs.

Didn't find the question were looking for? Please let us know and we will answer it!