Let us add value,
while you focus on work

With over 10 years of experience within creating and setting up tailored magazines and communication tools, Added Value can help make your company’s workforce more diverse in a cost- and time efficient way. With our proven method we combine a number of independent fixed features that we customize to your company’s needs.  


What we offer

  • A tailored magazine of 20 pages or more

  • Branded Added Value, looking like a independent magazine

  • A mixture of flexible and fixed features tailored to your specific needs

  • Consulting


From start to finish

  • The design and lay-out
    of the magazine

  • Writing and editing of articles

  • Setting up photo-film shoots, selecting and briefing creatives

  • Image editing

  • Print production and printing

  • Distribution


3 key benefits

  1. No concept costs   

  2. 100% your magazine:
    we will customise
    Added Value to your needs

  3. Big impact, little effort:
    let us Add Value
    while you focus on work