Little effort, big impact

Added Value is a smart tool to help increase awareness, or enforce the ongoing communicating on diversity and inclusion within your company. We have set up a flexible structure that offers enough room for tailoring. Each magazine comes with strong content and photography, in-depth interviews, columns, infographics and more. Find out more about our content possibilities and variations or contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to set up a content plan for you.  


Magazine specifications

Size: 255 x 368 mm
Pages: 20 or more
Copies: 1.000 or more
Paper: Cyclus offset
Weight: 115 grs (cover), 70 grs (inside)
Finishing: Saddle-stitched


What Added Value offers is:

Welcome spread 

Table of Contents and Colophon plus the Editorial, a word of welcome to the readers, written by a key person in your organisation. Of course we can help you (ghost)write this article. 

Large interview

A six-page interview with a person that isn't attached to your organisation but does have knowledge about, experience with or an opinion on the topic. Photography is specifically designed for this interview. 

Books & Such

A one-pager that shares interesting movies, books, TED talks etc. on (gender) diversity.

Centre spread

An article of two pages that can be tailored to your needs. It's perfect for an infographic showing the facts & figures of your company's diversity situation. It can also feature the lunch habits of your international colleagues, to demonstrate diversity on a different level. Anything is possible!


A column written by someone from your organisation who shares their experience, reflections or insights on the topic. 

The Other Half

An article of four pages featuring a portrait of three employees and their partners. Each couple receives a set of questions on how they manage their 'at home' situation, who does what etc. Photographs are taken at the homes of the participants. 

Small Interview

A two-page interview with a person outside of your company on the topic of (gender) diversity. Photography is specifically designed for this interview. 

Back page

This page should give readers something to look forward to. It can display anonymous quotes on (gender) diversity that we gather from within your organisation or it can hold an illustration reflecting the goals of your involvement on the topic and so on.