50% of the population is female, yet only 12% works in a boardroom function. We want to help change that.


Editor-in-Chief | Marije Tolsma-Groen

Marije has been of Head Internal Communications at NN Investment Partners for six years. She has over 14 years of experience in internal and leadership communications, helping companies to effectively translate business strategy to their staff. During her career, she developed a variety of communication strategies and tools to guide companies through change. In 2016 she became Editor-in-Chief of Added Value. The newspaper received an overwhelming response, which led to the idea of translating the concept for other companies as well. Marije now lives in New York where she consults with A-list companies who face the challenge of making their workforce more (gender) diverse.

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Creative Director | Dorien Franken

Dorien has been working as an independent designer since 2004. In today’s crowded media landscape, she helps brands find authentic ways to get in touch with their audience. She’s an expert in creating tailor-made or topic driven magazines, newspapers and other print items that meet the purpose of connecting. With that skill art direction is a number one necessity.

As an art director, Dorien created the initial concept for Added Value. From her collaboration with Marije grew a profound friendship and valuable working relationship. Dorien works from her office in Amsterdam and designs the Added Value magazine from start to finish for companies who value (gender) diversity.

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